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Red Crab Spawning Tour
Christmas Island 2024

7 night packages from AUD$2,175 per person

Validity : 1 April 2024 – 31 December 2024

Witness one of the most amazing events on our animal planet – the annual Red Crab spawning event on Christmas Island.

The red crab migration generally commences with the start of our wet season (November/ December). This varies year to year, and does make predicting the start of the migration a bit of a challenge. One aspect of this event that we can predict to some degree is when the spawning may happen. The red crabs use a very distinctive phase of the moon, which then allows us to estimate, based on the start of the wet season, when they may be likely to spawn.

The spawning event usually takes place across 2 mornings in November or December, and may even push out to January if the rains for the wet season are late.

The expected dates for the 2024 red crab spawning events are:


26-27 November

25-26 December

25-26 January (2025)

Contact us directly for the most up to date estimations for the spawning event. We generally are unable to predict the best month until about August when the longer term weather patterns make forecasting possible.

If you want to view the general migration, anytime from mid-late November through December will give you plenty of opportunities to witness crabs in large numbers on the forest floor. Days of the actual migration are subject to the weather, consistency in the rains and what part of the migration the crabs are undertaking at the time.

The Red Crab Migration Sequence

– Males start migrating to the lower terraces and dig burrows (approx. 4 weeks prior to predicted spawning dates). First wave.

– Females migrate to the lower terraces and mating takes place (approx. 2 weeks prior to spawning dates).  Second wave.

– Males then leave the females in the burrows to gestate the egg mass and migrate back to the upper terraces. Third wave.

– Females deposit eggs into the ocean on the spawning dates and migrate back to the upper terraces. Forth wave.

– Approx. 21 days after spawning event, baby red crabs may return en masse. Fifth wave.

The red crab migration season is considered our peak visitor season on Christmas Island. We recommend booking in advance, but please note that it is not possible to estimate the best chance of viewing a spawning until late July/ August.

We are happy to update guests with the latest information prior to arrival on the island. We can make recommendations about the best locations and times of the day to view possible migrating red crabs.

This package includes:

  • Return flights from Perth with Virgin Australia to Christmas Island
  • Applicable taxes
  • 7 nights on Christmas Island at VQ3 Lodge in a standard room*
  • 7 days 4WD car hire on Christmas Island – *excluding fuel.
  • Red Crab Spawning tour – the exact date for this may adjust 24-48 hours prior to spawning event dates to ensure the best possible experience. This tour includes a sunset nibbles event , the spawning viewing early in the morning & a cooked breakfast.

*Based on 2 people sharing a room

Single premium available on application.

Room & Property upgraded pricing is available. Please let us tailor your experience to Australia’s Indian Ocean islands

*Subject to availability. Prices & itinerary subject to change at any time.

If the Red Crab spawning event is unlikely to happen on the dates of the predicted event – the spawning tour portion of the package is refundable or transferrable.

  • A hire car is essential on Christmas Island as there is no public transport available.
  • Only Telstra mobiles will work on Christmas Island. On Cocos mainland mobiles will not operate as it is a private network.
  • Call into the Visitors Centre to find out about any special events during your stay and gain some local knowledge on the Islands.
  • Car and scooter (Cocos only) hire are a good way to explore the Islands it is best to pre book to avoid disappointment.
  • Please note that during the Red Crab migration on Christmas Island that the advertised tour itineraries may be disrupted due to road closures.
  • Personal EPIRB’s are available from the Christmas Island Police Station if visitors want an extra level of safety whilst visiting our remote locations.
  • If bringing food from the mainland it must be packed according to regulations and a purchase receipt for the food must be carried with you.
  • Non Australian citizens must travel to the Islands using a passport.
  • Australian residents are covered under the Medicare system.
  • Travel insurance is highly recommended.
  • All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and are subject to change.


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