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Christmas Island & Cocos (Keeling) Islands


Christmas Island boasts some of the best scuba diving sites in Australia. It has some of the longest drop offs in the world, some up to 5000 metres. The Island rises dramatically from the edge of the java Trench, the Indian Ocean’s deepest point. With over 60 named dive sites and several sea caves, there is much to explore.

The Cocos Keeling Islands have amazing crystal clear waters. Reef sharks are sighted on nearly every dive, along with manta rays, dolphins, turtles and abundant tropical fish. Soft and hard corals are in pristine condition. The Cocos Keeling Islands are truly a diver’s dream.

Christmas Island


LOCAL DIVE OPERATORS There are two operators on Christmas Island and both have the required permits to take divers into the Christmas Island Marine Park. Medical oxygen and  first aid  kits are carried on every vessel. The local operators pride themselves on their personalised customer service and exceptional scuba diving trips.

FIRST TIMERS – Christmas Island is a great place to lean to dive – pre -booking courses before travel is essential.

WHALE SHARKS During the wet season the majestic whale sharks visit our waters from November through to April. There are no spotter planes so sightings are down to luck plus knowing where to look.

WATCH OUT FOR – Spinner dolphins who will often come to play with the dive boat. If seen during your surface interval there is always time to jump in and watch them up close.

EXPLORE SEA CAVES AND CAVERNS Dive the wonders of Thundercliff cave  a series of sea caves where divers can surface into air filled caverns decorated with spectacular stalagmites and stalactites. Deep in the darkness of the caves keep a look out for tiny flashlight fish  blinking their bio-luminescent lights on and off.

INTO THE BLUE In the blue waters there is always a chance for seeing the larger pelagic life, such as tuna, barracudas, giant trevallies and sharks. The best time for spotting larger fish is during the dry season when the water temperatures slightly drop due to currents from the south.

WALL DIVES Driving along the coastline you will notice steep jagged limestone cliffs with dense jungles growing above. It is these cliffs that extend downwards into the depths of the ocean , making for amazing wall dives. Many of the dive locations have vast drop offs.

JUST WANT TO SNORKEL – Flying Fish Cove is a great place to snorkel from the beach or off the end of the jetty.

Christmas Island Dive Sites
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Cocos (Keeling) Islands


THE COCOS KEELING ISLANDS – Protected lagoon and open ocean diving offers a range of depths which allows those divers who are qualified and/or suitably experienced to venture deeper than the less experienced diver. Having the luxury of multi level diving ensures everyone is able to enjoy the same site.

DIVE QUALIFICATIONS -Cocos caters for all levels, with most sites suitable for open water certification. However, in order to make the most of your diving holiday it is suggested you have an Advanced Open Water Qualification.

LOCAL DIVE OPERATOR – With only one dive operator on the Islands, the waters are never crowded. The operator has extensive knowledge of the many dive sites and the behaviour of the abundant marine creatures who have made Cocos their home. Mandatory safety equipment including oxygen is always on board.

DID YOU KNOW – the dive operator on Cocos is actively involved with Project Manta, a national group of dedicated manta researchers. Divers are encouraged to photograph the manta bellies their “thumbprints” to assist with identifying previously named mantas and new mantas. Photograph a new manta and you have the naming rights.

OFTEN SEEN – Dolphins, manta rays, turtles and sharks. Watch out for Kat the lone dugong who is sometimes seen scratching on the anchor chain.

JUST WANT TO SNORKEL – take a ferry to Direction Island on a Thursday or Saturday to snorkel the famous RIP where the ocean flows into the lagoon and is a busy highway for the fish, with many large and small fish swimming through the RIP channel, or snorkel off of Trannies Beach and Scout Park.

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Dive Sites
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